Welcome to the Riders Meeting

Frank Riders Meeting

The Riders Meeting section of REM’s website will be a weekly column where I pass on some tidbits of what I’ve seen in the past week.  And, some of the info, gossip, and whatever that I spoke of at the last race’s riders meeting.  Hopefully it will be informative, and provide some news that maybe you didn’t get from anywhere else.

Octobercross is rapidly approaching, October 26th.  It will be a combination of the Dubya Vet World track and what I think will be a fun safe track. 

Speaking of the Vet World race, I will at the behest of the late Tom White, and his family once again be the referee.  Make sure you are racing your correct class and age group. I will be researching the past few years results to make sure we keep the racing honest and fun. 

Bennet’s War opens this Friday at theaters.  Since REM has a starring role in the movie, we would love everyone to take the time to go and see it at the theater.  Support the sport.  The movie is a moral tale of the little guy vs the bigger guy.  A story of military sacrifice.  Of what we would hope are American values.  Keep in mind it is a low budget film, which does not mean low quality.  And it is still a lot of money to invest in and produce any movie project.  So, if some of the locations are not what they claim to be keep in mind what the story is and don’t pick it apart because you know stuff because you are a Motocross person.

Speaking of Bennet’s War, the 2 REM shirts that you see in the movie will be available at the REM store.  The 30th anniversary shirt, and the REM logo shirt will be on there soon.

Also, at the REM store, there will be several vintage Commotion by the Ocean shirts available soon.

And in case you haven’t heard REM is bringing back Commotion by the Ocean.  It will be July 3-4-5, 2020. And will be renamed Commotion 2.0, there will be many announcements in the coming months.  It will be “the” event for next summer.  And for at least 5 years REM will be hosting one of the greatest Motocross festivals ever.

If you are fed up with the costs of tires, try STI.  I’ve been running them for a while now, the performance, longevity, and cost make them a very competitive alternative to some of the other brands.  They are constantly working on making their brand better, since they attend many REM races they would love to have your feedback on their products.

Finally, in the heat of the moment even the best of friends can have moments where they say things that they really don’t mean.  Case in point a disagreement on the track.  Let’s keep this fun, if you have a problem with another racer, or any other person at the track come to me.  Hopefully I can help everyone come to a reasonable solution to whatever caused the issue.  Stay racey.