We have a schedule!

Frank Riders Meeting

REM finally has a schedule for the remainder of 2020. What a bizarre year it has been. We will finish this year with 6 more events and have asked GHR for at least 30 races for 2021. REM Saturday Motocross is not going anywhere, but to the races. Despite COVID-19, and all the rumors, we are here for at least another year which will be our 35th if my memory serves me.

Thanks to Lori and the staff ag Glen Helen Raceway for working with us in what has been a very demanding crisis. We will come back better than ever, and we can’t wait for 2021.

Upcoming Races

  • October 10 REM on the REM track
  • October 17 STI/Octobercross on the Vet World Champ track
  • October 24 REM on the REM track
  • November 14 REM on the REM track
  • December 5 REM on the REM track
  • December 19 REM on the REM track

As has been the case for the recent events, signup will be done online only You can sign up using the REM Race Connect system. If you have any questions feel free to send an email to: connect-support@remsatmx.com