We are entering the Twilight Zone

Frank Rant

You are looking into a 19” black and white tv. The host of the Twilight Zone is standing front and center of the screen. He is smoking a cigarette. He tells us that what you are seeing could be true, that it could be another dimension, another time, it could be a image burned into our psyche from the past or future, that we are entering the Twilight Zone.

An image appears on the screen, a children’s classroom. While the picture is black and white, a little grainy you can still clearly see that there are children in this room. That it is a play area for small kids. There is a teacher. A man, a man who looks like he has seen it all. A man who could be anyone, both kind and stern. He is the teacher to all of these children.

A wailing comes from the corner, a child is crying. The teacher approaches the child and says kindly, what’s the matter? The child points across the room to another child and says he’s looking at me. Okay the teacher says, why does that make you upset? The child wails again, he’s looking at me. The teacher approaches the second child, why are you looking at him? Because, the second child says he pushed me, who pushed you asks the teacher? He did pointing to a third child across the room. And why did he push you asks the Teacher? Because he doesn’t like me says the second child. Did you push him back asks the Teacher? No, says the second child. The teacher now approaches the third child who is sitting in a corner all by himself blowing snot bubbles. The teacher hands him a hankie, wipe your nose he says to the third child. The third child wipes his nose on the hankie and proceeds to blow more snot bubbles. Did you push him the teacher says pointing to the second child? Yeah, I pushed him, cuz his friend peed on me. The teacher taken aback says to child three, who peed on you? To which the boys responds his friend peed on me in the bathroom. Did he pee on you or was it an accident? NO he wailed, he peed on my shoe in the bathroom. Okay who is his friend asks the teacher? Him, he says pointing to a fourth child. The teacher approached the fourth child, did you pee on his shoe asks the teacher. No, no, I did not says the fourth child. His foot got in my way while I was peeing. Well, did you ask him to move his foot, asks the teacher? No, he was in my space, whatever is in my space I can pee on, says the fourth child. Well that was not very nice the teacher admonishes the child. Well, the child says, he is not very nice, he has a potty mouth, my mom says anyone with a potty mouth is a bad person. What did he say to you, asks the teacher? He said I was a stupido says the child. And why did he call you a name asks the teacher? Because his friend told him to says the child. Who is his friend asks the teacher. The child points to another child in another corner of the room. The teacher shuffles his way over to this child. Why don’t you like him asks the teacher to child five while pointing back to the previous shoe pee’er. Cause, once when I was playing he got in my way, and I had to slow down from playing and that’s why he is a stupido says child 5. Well did he mean to get in your way and slow you down asks the teacher? Yes, he did, and if I didn’t slow down I would have crashed into him and we would have all died, says the child. Well asks the teacher, if you had just slowed down for a second all of this name calling wouldn’t be necessary would it, asked the teacher? Yeah, but if he didn’t get in my way I wouldn’t have to slow down, and it’s all his fault, my momma says I am the best in the world and no one can get in my way. The teacher looks at the ceiling, and thinks why didn’t I take that janitor job? Another child is calling for his attention now, a child who had been silent up till now is crying teacher, teacher. He walks over to this child, only to hear the youngster say, …….I pooped my pants.

The picture pulls out of the playroom, the door slowly closes revealing a small white sign with black letters “50 Year Old Racers”. Then the screen fades to black.