The State of REM

Frank Rant

The State of REM. A lot has happened since my last adventure in word play. First is the new web site. While it is not perfect, and people have complained, it will get better as I learn what I am doing. As for the complaints, our last site was over 10 years old and was looking dated, and many just don’t like change. Hopefully we will make one of your favorite sites to visit. Unlike the last site we have a lot of room to grow.

Next is our new website This is a new venture for us, actually selling a product. What drove me to this were my personal adventures with trying to buy quality motocross products. Before Mammoth I tried to buy air filters for my YZ450 at 3 different shops to be told at each one, we can order it for you. I then went to a couple of different web spots, on one I actually ordered the product to be notified 2 days later that it would not arrive for 2 weeks. The other I was subjected to the classic bait and switch with higher prices. So I decided to try my hand at my own motocross product web site. We are starting off small with products from companies that REM has dealt with in the past that we trust to create, produce and promote excellent motocross products that racers need to compete each week. As we can expand we will include even more products and greater variety. Our promise to you is that we will provide the best products, the best service, and the best price that we possibly can. The more we sell the better deals that we can provide. I will put as much effort into the Race Shop as I do into REM Saturday Motocross. I just need to figure out how to squeeze 36 hours into each day. We will also be offering some products soon that you may not be able to get anywhere else, like our own line of works products, but that is for the future. If you need motocross tires, exhaust, tools, gear, goggles, footpegs, an REM hat, and much more please check out our web site. And remember if we screw up you know where I am every Saturday, we don’t hide behind a computer screen. REM members the Race Shop pays your sales tax as an additional discount.

Transponders. What a friggin nightmare this has been. But, we are finally very close to having them up and running. The technology that we are using is relatively new to motocross. In fact I don’t know of anyone who is actually using this technology yet. We have had to completely rewrite the software we purchased and more than double the original hardware. We are now in the final stages of reconfiguring the whole setup and think it could be working at the race track in a couple of weeks. The reason we are sold on this particular technology and did not go with the standard transponders is that there is nothing for the racer to purchase unless you peel off the sticker on your helmet. And then the cost is still less than $5. The only piece of equipment the racer must add is a small sticker on your helmet and we are even experimenting with it on the inside of your number plate. That’s it, nothing more, nothing to charge, nothing to fall off the bike, nothing to return at the end of the day. And the results are the same with no cost to the racer.
REM hats. After many years of everyone asking me for REM hats we finally found a supplier. We invested the money and had a bunch of them made. If there is enough of a demand we will order more. Next will be the new REM shirt and sweat shirt.

The 2010 REM schedule. We finally received the new Glen Helen schedule this week. This is the latest we have ever gotten the schedule which we use to schedule our races. Hopefully we can get the new dates up on the website sometime next week. You can thank the pro motocross powers to be for the late date due to the changes in National dates. Just know that REM on the National track will be June 5th next year. Enough said.

Finally, an observation. I saw some of the most ridiculous behavior at this years World Vets. Let’s get real people, if you are racing that race you are over 30, with the vast majority over 40, a bunch of over 50, and even over 60 year olds. I went off the line with the 50 Novice class. Having not been on the starting line in a long time I pretty much let everyone go and played chase rider. Moto one on Saturday I started out in last and watched 15 separate crashes in 4 laps, a couple of them pretty serious crashes. I don’t believe I have ever witnessed so much carnage in such a short time. What are you thinking? Do you really think winning a title in the 30 or 40 or 50 year old Novice class will change your life? Believe me it won’t. No title, trophy, championship, or bragging rights is worth you health. Breaking bones will change your life. Getting hurt sucks, I’ve been hurt enough to know. Some of you really need to calm down. A big race is just a local race with more people. I saw what they were giving a way if you won, and it wouldn’t pay for most emergency room copays. It is good to get excited, to have the adrenaline rush, to be competitive but I saw some of the dumbest riding let alone racing in my life. I do not like to see crashes, I have seen enough of it for 100 lifetimes. To quote an old TV show, “let’s be safe out there”.