The Nice Thing About Having Your Own Website

Frank Rant

One of the nice things about having your own website is that you can put up whatever you want, I am going to start doing that with what I hope is a weekly addition to the REM webpage. Lets just say it is going to be a politically incorrect version of “Jody’s Box”. I am frequently greeted with “why don’t you smile more, you always look so serious at the races”. My response is always, at the end of the day when everything is wrapped up and everyone goes home in one piece I smile a lot. Until I have a day like 7/7/07. First, it takes a lot of work to get the REM track into shape on a regular Saturday. Unlike the National track the REM track is only watered on race days so it takes us a lot of work to get the water back into the track and to make it good. Add to that a week of 100 degree temps, and the 6 hour race that was held at Glen Helen the previous week and it makes for a long morning trying to get a good racing surface. Then to make matters worse, a Dealer Series Dad brings his 30′ trailer, full size F250, his awning and mom’s suv. This for a race taking place on Sunday all in support of one 12 year old on a mini, and proceeds to take up a good portion of the very limited REM pits. Of course when I tell him he cannot park there he gets the “attitude”. I just hope his kid never tries to get a sponsor from one of the many industry types that race at REM every Saturday. Then of course we have the fight. I am not sure why but there have been way too many of these incidents. This one featuring a former factory star and another racer both of whom are in their 50’s. That’s another thing why is it that some former pros cannot seem to get their egos in check. Saturday Motocross is just for fun, bragging rights at the end of the day that last until the next Saturday. It is not that important in the big scheme of things. While both riders deserve blame for the incident, one will not be coming back to REM for the foreseeable future. Then I get a call on the radio. At the starting gate end of the track some father is berating his youngster for not winning his race, using language that is far from appropriate for a youngster. I ride up and get another mini dad attitude when I mention to him that this is supposed to be about having fun. 2 mini dad tudes in one day are 2 too many. On the positive side it was good to see Mark McKellop back out at the track taking photos of his buddies. Mark went down in a hard crash over a month ago and credits his Leatt Brace with saving him from an even more serious injury. It was also good to have Rudy Chavez return to racing after his horrific crash on the National track over a year ago. But, the highlight of the day for me was when Larry Brooks and Bobby Hunt were out in the 85cc practice with their youngsters showing them lines, helping them get around the course. Dads and their kids having a good time at the Saturday races, getting to ride with their sons and daughters. Getting to share that moment brings a smile to me even now. You can always reach me at see you at the races.