So I Had This Dream

Frank Rant

So I had this dream a couple of nights ago. I usually don’t remember my dreams but this one was so enjoyable that it seemingly burned itself into my memory.  It was not the kind of dream you are thinking about those of you with the dirty minds.  I dreamed I was racing a National Motocross, but I was racing a Suzuki RM 125cc in the 250F class.  Now this was not a dream where I was a young man, this was a dream about last weekend.  And what was even stranger was that my 51 year old fat ass finished 14th overall at a National.  What is even stranger yet, I have never raced a Suzuki, and I haven’t raced a 125 since I was 17 years old.  But, there I was out on the track putting it to 26 kids who are younger than my own offspring.  And this was one of those really detailed dreams.  I remember dreaming about the sweat running down my goggles from my bald head.  I remember my arthritic knees aching.  And all of the other ailments that you have after a lifetime of racing motocross, haunting me over every jump, every turn, but overcoming the pain and sticking every turn, every jump it was just a really fun dream.  One of those you just don’t want to wake up from.  It seems that usually my dreams end before I get to the good part, yeah those dreams too.  But this one went right to the end, I finished the second moto, got my congratulations and then went up and picked up my check for $34. Yes, $34. so it seems the dream actually had more fact than fiction to it if you look at the pro payouts at a national.  And then of course I awoke, had to get ready for work with my arthritic knees.


Then comes part 2, I needed to go to Glen Helen today to check out flagging positions for the National this weekend.  I called Jody Weisel on Tuesday night to find out if he was adding anymore to the track that would require additional flagmen.  So he invites me to bring my bike out and ride the test session.  The test session is a dozen riders on a perfectly prepped Glen Helen National track.  The first time anyone has ridden the complete track with all the obstacles with all the deeply ripped sections, with the new sand section, the uphills, downhills, the whole shebang.  Who wouldn’t give their right you know what to ride that.  The riders for the most part are the MXA wrecking crew along with Tim Olson of Yamaha, Warren Johnson of Fox, Doug Dubach and Greg Albertine former world champ, former national champ, now real estate developer.  Let me tell you he can haul the mail.  So fresh off my 14th place National finish in my aforementioned dream, yeah sure Jody, I’ll bring my bike.  Remember Jody and I ride together all the time, he knows my blazing speed, all he wanted was an additional rider to put tire marks on the track so the pros could get more lines.  Cannon fodder so to speak.  I have gotten to do this before, and I forgot how miserable it is.  The national prep is unlike anything else, they rip it so deep, the jump faces are so steep, the gaps are so large that simply riding around makes you feel like a complete boob.  I don’t get to ride as often as I would like and sometimes my ego gets the better of me.  Not today, I was slower than the mail at tax return time.  I put in my mandatory 12 laps, and called it a day.  It’s one thing to be on the track with a bunch of guys you can keep in sight, its another to get lapped in 2 laps.  Albee passed me down the front straight off the triple into the sand section, if I was going 20mph he was going 60mph and the fact that he was 10 feet over my head only made it worse.  No matter how hard I tried I could not get up the nads to jump the step down from REM to the National Track, every time I would come up to it I would be telling myself you can do it, don’t be a little girl.  Wait a minute there are little girls that could have done it, I take it back don’t be a 51 year old fat ass has been.  Anyway, it was a bruise on my collective ego to be out there today.  The track is awesome.  It is definitely pro caliber, and it is always an honor to get to ride on something that is so over the top.  It really makes you appreciate how good the pros are when you get to see them up close and personal at the Nationals.  Supercross is always spectacular but to me nothing compares to the outdoors.  It is just plain brutal and the best man wins at outdoors, nothing is handed to you.  So my dreams of grandeur are squashed, I could no more get around that track quickly than some senators could pass up a gay rodeo.  Damn I really thought I had a shot at that $34.  See you at the National.