Transponder 101

Basic Transponder Setup With Mount

Position unit so that it does not impact motorcycle frame or electronics.

Run tape completely around transponder to ensure that unit does not move during riding.

Turn your handlebars full lock to lock (left and right) to make sure there is no interference with the handlebar movement.

No Transponder Mount?

If you do not have a transponder mount, start with running electrical tape around the fork tube.

Position the transponder unit, and then duct tape the transponder to the fork.

Check handlebar movement for interference. Adjust as necessary.

Check the position of the unit to ensure it clears the radiator and shrouds.


Failure to properly secure the unit to your bike is very dangerous.


Ensure your bike’s controls, cooling system, electrical system, all work as intended.


Check your bike and transponder after each ride to ensure proper clearance.


Maintain your transponder to ensure proper function.