Check-In & Info


REM Track Practice Schedule

  1. OPEN - all bikes and classes
  2. All Pros, Intermediate 125, 250, 450 & Vet Int.
  3. 40 Int, 40 Exp, 50 Int, 50 Exp, 50 Elite
  4. 40 Novice, 50 Novice, Age +60/+65 All Levels
  5. 125 Novice, 250 Novice, 450 Novice, Vet Novice
  6. 125 Beginner, 250 Beginner, 450 Beginner, Vet Beginner

Practice Info

  • Practice starts at 8:30 AM
  • Practice 1 is 15 minutes, all other sessions are 10 minutes
  • Practice with your entered class only.

Rider’s Meeting

  • Attend safety meeting after practice.
  • Race Schedule will be posted after the meeting.
  • Your class entry is final once the schedule is posted.
  • Raffle winners announced after meeting (attendance required).


  • Should you need to change motorcycles between motos you must transfer your transponder or you will not be scored.
  • Good sportsmanship is required at all times.
  • ZERO tolerance for violence at any time. You will be ejected & potentially liable for injury or damages.
  • Have fun!

Scoring & Awards

  • Top 1/3rd of each class eligible for awards.
  • Plaques must be picked up within 60 days.
  • Each week we raffle off products from one of our great sponsors. You must be at the Rider’s Meeting to be eligible.
  • Scores will be posted on the website the next day.
  • Questions or protests can be made at the end of the day.