Frank Rant

My Rant

Noise, and lots of it. As a promoter for nearly 21 years and a racer for 36, I feel I can speak with some authority on this subject. The noise from the race track today will make your ears bleed. Don’t get me wrong, I love four strokes.  Actually I love motorcycles 2 or 4 stroke, and I love the distinctive sounds that they make. But, you put 30 of  today’s modern 4 strokes on a track at the same time like we do over and over again for 6 or 7 hours you start noticing that you are losing your hearing.  By Wednesday, the ringing in my ears will ease enough that I won’t notice it again until Saturday.  And that is wearing a headset all day which muffles some of the roar.  Someone with enough clout has to take a stand to make thumpers quieter. We recently had the DB Dawg Spring Series.  The DB Dawg is a great product that lessens the sound of a 4 stroke muffler.  As much as I would like to say that everyone at REM jumped on the DB Dawg bandwagon I have not seen one on a race bike.  It is interesting that racers worry about 6 horsepower when only a handful of riders in the world can ride a stock 450 to its full potential.  The manufacturers, the aftermarket companies, the AMA, and the magazines need to jump hard on this problem.  If not, more and more riding areas are going to close down, and more of us are going to be deaf.

The other kind of noise is the verbal garbage coming from the racer behind you.  Or if you are a trackworker coming from the ingrate getting to race while you are trying to keep the track they are getting to ride on nice.  I’ve been guilty of saying a few choice words to the moron who cut over in front of me on a jump, or the idiot who came out of nowhere to t-bone me in a corner.  Just about every racer has these experiences, the ones I am speaking directly to are the racers who will start yelling from a half a straightaway back at the next person in front of them, even in practice. The racers who cannot get around the track without yelling an f-bomb at every racer, cornerworker, or small animal they see.  Do you really think that your verbal garbage is going to make us so fearful of you that we will pull over at the very sound of your voice?  A simple “coming thru” would be much more effective.  I once saw a 250 Beginner knock the crap out of a pro for cursing him on the track (it was not an REM race).  I wonder if we could get DB Dawg to make a product that would muffle some of that noise.  There are a few of you who will know exactly to whom I refer with this rant, but every race, race track, series, and club has a couple of loudmouths that fit this description.

I would like to end this rant with a special thanks to Troy Lee Designs.  To Troy, Bob Weber, Tyler Keefe’s mom, Cory, and all of the great people at Troy Lee Designs for supporting REM Saturday Motocross.  This past weekend they brought the crew out and hosted round 1 of our Summer Series.  It was because of Bob Weber that we brought back the sponsor for the day concept that we tried a couple of years ago. TLD supplied great food, snacks, drinks, and prizes for all of the REM racers. Whenever REM has a series TLD is always there donating product for you, the racer.  Remember that the product they give away could just as easily be sold.  It is a luxury to have great sponsors so close to Glen Helen Raceway, sponsors that also race our events and are nice people.  Make sure you check out the complete line of Troy Lee products their TLD helmets, gear, clothing and the custom painting that they do.  And if you are going by Corona check out the Troy Lee building it is as much a museum as it is a race shop.