Med Alert Dog Tags by Classique Awards

Frank Rant

Do you ever go to the races alone, go practicing alone, ever ride your mountain bike alone?  Often, I do.  After witnessing first hand riders getting injured and not being able to communicate with track personnel or emt’s, REM, working with Classique Awards has come up with an inexpensive way to not only identify yourself but also let doctors or paramedics know of any medical issues you might have.  I recently went to Mammoth alone, while I had many friends at the track, none of them knew what medications I was allergic to.  On my dog tag, it lists my blood type, along with my allergies, my emergency contact info as well as my name.  Classique Awards will make your med alert dog tag with this info and send it to you for $10.00  Engraving and shipping included.  We believe everyone should wear one of these dog tags, or have it attached to your chest protector.  Even if you go to the races with someone, do they know what you are allergic to?  In some cases giving someone the wrong drug can be very serious, even fatal.  Most tracks don’t know how to get in touch with your family if you are injured, wearing one of these tags insures that the medics will know who you are and how to get in touch with your emergency contact.  We believe so strongly in having some sort of id on while you are riding that REM is paying for the sales tax, shipping and handling of the dog tags.  Like I said, I am wearing one and I encourage everyone who rides, dirt or street, mountain bikes, road bikes, motocross, desert or just trail riding to make sure that your information is readily available when needed.

For your med-alert tag send $10.00,
your mailing address and your
med-alert info to:

Classique Awards
Email to

Emergency contact number:
Allergy, Blood Type, (etc): Or any other
medical info that can aid a rescue worker in making sure that you
receive the best care.