Isn’t flow something that water and air do?

Frank Rant

Flow, the word makes me nauseas. At the risk of pissing off several friends I offer my humble opinion, and I freely admit it’s my observation and as always I could be wrong. If I hear the word flow used in the context of a motocross track again I may just stick my head in a barrel of U-4. Isn’t Flow that strange looking chick in the insurance commercial? Isn’t flow something that a woman of a certain age gets once a month? Isn’t flow something that water and air do? Motocross is hard. Motocross tracks are hard. Motocross is a closed course motorcycle race held on natural terrain featuring hills, turns, jumps, offcambers, mud, dust, rocks, and beginner racers, that was sort of Webster’s definition. Let me repeat the most important thing I just wrote, MOTOCROSS IS HARD. If it was easy that namby pamby guy you work with could do it. We have become a generation of racers that due to four stroke technology feel that we have to keep up our momentum everywhere on the track. Do you want road race courses on dirt? Bullshit! If you want flow go race speedway!

Motocross is about learning to beat the track as much as it is about beating your competition. If a racer has a bad day now, or cannot master certain elements of a track they immediately go to the track has no flow card. How about this track is tough, it’s kicking my ass today. Rather than it has no flow. If we take our brakes off the bikes, smooth out every bump on the track, radius all the corners for maximum speed, make long 4th and 5th gear straights, don’t use anything remotely difficult then we could achieve the vaunted title of Best in Flow.

I got to race the 2 stroke race this year. I forgot how much more work it is to race a 2 stroke, you actually have to use the clutch, keep the motor in the powerband, shift at the correct time, and use your brakes correctly. You actually have to think about the mechanics of racing, body positioning, and working with the bike.

I will admit that I love 4 strokes. I love my 450. But, I also liked racing open class 2 strokes. But, the 450’s make you lazy, actually 4 strokes make you lazy. You can leave them in 3rd gear and ride around most motocross courses. You don’t have to stay in the fast line; you don’t have to pay as much attention to your riding. Not to say they are easy, but they make you race differently than on a 2 stroke. You don’t hear too many 4 strokes burning up the clutches coming out of the corners, first their clutches wouldn’t last very long, and the 4 stroke style is to roll through the corners hoping to carry enough momentum that you won’t have to do anything but roll the throttle on coming out of the corner. Once again tight obstacles whether they be corners or jumps are not as smooth when racing a 4 stroke, you have to work for it, and if you aren’t perfect you feel like a whale trying to navigate a slip and slide. And there in is the problem. A lot of you have forgotten that MOTOCROSS IS HARD. You are not supposed to be slicker than deer guts on a doorknob all the way around the track. You are supposed to struggle once in a while. Go and watch a Pro race, pick a difficult section. And you will see that even the fast guys struggle on certain obstacles. Of course, then they will come in and tell everyone that listens, the track has no flow.

I don’t design tracks to cater to 450 four strokes, or for 85cc 2 strokes. I try to design motocross tracks that will challenge every racer no matter what skill level, that are fun, and safe. You notice that I didn’t say easy. So if I pissed you off with this rant maybe I struck a nerve or just maybe it’s that time of the month and you’re starting to flow.