I Could Be Just As Screwed Up As the Rest of Them

Frank Rant

A couple of my friends who are way more connected in motocross industry than I am share a similar opinion that I also subscribe to.   That the internet chat forums are pretty much dominated by the same 15 idiots, who probably weigh 300lbs, live in their mother’s basement, that due to hygiene issues you probably wouldn’t want to shake their hands, and have never raced motocross.  That being said, why do people care or even read the vomit that is spewed by these morons every day.   Probably the same reason people slow down traffic every day to look at fender benders on the freeway.  There is nothing there, but by god there might be.  I cannot think of one thing that has ever come out of one of these expert’s keyboards that ever changed or contributed to the sport.  Most of it is simply lies.   It is written with the intent of getting someone to read the idiotic ramblings of someone who doesn’t know shit, and to sensationalize their idiotic ideas.  What is James Stewart going to do, why doesn’t he race the Nationals, what is Reed going to do, blah, blah, blah.  My personal opinion and it is just my opinion, is that the racing will be much better if those two take the summer off.  Reed does not appear to like the outdoors, he considers himself the second coming of Jeremy McGrath.   He has never done particularly well in the outdoors, and has made plenty of remarks about not liking the outdoors.   If Suzuki isn’t replacing Izzi for the summer to save money why would they add the additional expense of Reed?   Reed won’t win the outdoor championship even if he does race.  Stewart will probably show up for Glen Helen, San Manuel is just down the street from Glen Helen.  It won’t cost L&M much to race Glen Helen, and it is a great opportunity for exposure for the team, Stewart, and San Manuel.  L& M does not want to do the outdoors.   It is not in their business plan, new tv package or not, their goal is to be Supercross champion.  The bottom line to me is that the sport will be just fine without them.  There is a tremendous amount of talent out there, let them shine.  It is time for new blood, it really is a toss up at this point as to who will dominate the 450’s and forget about picking the winner of the 250’s.   And to me that’s racing, what fun is it to go and watch 1 or 2 guys lap everyone, and dominate every race.  Yes, it was great to watch Carmichael.   It was unbelievable what he could do on a motocross track.  But, I am ready for some racing, where every week any number of racers  compete for the championship.  Of course there may be a racer that comes into his own and dominates the series in either class.  At this point though I can’t wait for the Nationals to start, it’s going to be great.  And while I may be 25lbs overweight, I don’t  live in my mother’s basement, you can shake my hand without fear of what I may have been doing to myself, and I do race motocross. And of course that’s just my opinion, I could be just as screwed up as the rest of them.