History Always Repeats Itself

Frank Rant

Nothing irritates me more than someone who doesn’t know history. History always repeats itself. It is like thinking that your thought is the first time that thought has ever been processed. Whatever you can think of, more than likely someone has already had that electrical impulse pass through their brain. The difference is that some people act on those impulses and others let them pass. There are always exceptions re; Einstein, Hawking, Gates, DeCoster.

I was perusing some local San Diego TV stations web sites the other day. For some reason they allow anonymous nobodys to post replies to their stories. The inane, stupid, hurtful, asinine, idiotic statements made by 99% of the people putting in their 2 cents worth makes me lose faith in humankind. People making comments about rapes, murders and all sorts of horrible things that people do to one another, like they are auditioning for a comedy club job. The comments aren’t funny they just show a side of people that were they not hiding behind a keyboard, would not be quite as brazen.

Unfortunately that same mentality haunts all of the moto chat boards as well. Engaging, thought provoking, educational cannot describe what takes place on these forums. Many comments are made by anonymous jerk offs that don’t race, don’t ride, don’t contribute to anything in our sport but hate and discontent. And if you actually know what you are talking about, or have a relevant contribution you are attacked for all number of things by these so called expert/MORONS. I realize that most racers don’t post on these forums, and it is a shame because they have been taken over by idiots. What someone new to the sport must think going on one of these sites to get information. Wanna be FMX’rs, BROS, old sad losers, and haters of everything thinking they are being cool pretty much dominate the conversations.

Motocross has not been around that long. In the scheme of things the first generation of motocrossers is just now approaching that point in life where we need to worry about losing their stories, which are the history of our sport. Reality is a bitch and the reality is there is not much written down about the short history of motocross not just in America but in Europe. And for those history challenged among you, Motocross started in Europe. What got me thinking about all of this from a historical aspect was REM entering its 25th year. 25 years ago this weekend REM began. That means that REM has been around nearly half the life of the sport. That is if you hold to the idea that organized Motocross began in Europe after the Second World War. Lately I have been going through stories, articles, results and anecdotes about REM over the past 25 years. And I realized that if something were to happen to me that history would be lost. Not that it matters much in the grand scheme of things, but I like to think that REM has made positive contributions to this sport. Otherwise what the hell have I been doing for a quarter of a century.

My pipe dream is that we treat each other with civility, with candor, and a willingness to do the right thing. I think most of us are sick of the hate, discontent, maliciousness’, the cynicism, the distrust, in general how we treat each other these days. Most of us are just trying to support our families, pay our bills, and have some quality to our existence. As unusual as it is I’m not closing with some self deprecating humor or funny anecdote, just try to treat everyone as you would like to be treated. RIP Rich Eierstedt 1954-2010.