Are you sick of bad news?

Frank Rant

Are you sick of bad news?  I know I am.  We have been bombarded for months about how the economy sucks.  How our houses aren’t worth diddly anymore.  Job losses, bad banks, bad guys, blah, blah, blah.  The mainstream media gets on a wagon and they aren’t getting off until that wagon falls off the edge of the world.  Talk about beating a dead horse, they’re beating a can of dog food.  Hey, I was laid off in May of last year, but I will get a job.  Something will come along.  It’s just being in the right place at the right time.   The economy is like everything else it cycles, just like motocross.  In the 2 plus decades that we have been running REM we have seen numerous cycles come and go.  Whether they be the economics of the sport, the fashion, the technology, even the racers themselves.  Motocross is going to change, the sport is going to evolve just as the economy is.  A year from now this sport will look different from what it looks like today.  It is inevitable.  But, a year from now guys and girls will still be buying dirtbikes, and going to the races.  Some of them will be aspiring to reach the pro level, and most will just be looking forward for the weekend to get here so they can race motocross.

Some great products out there that I want to mention.  No Fear’s Trophee boots are one of the best buys ever.  They look good, wear well, are strong and sturdy, and are only $149.  I have been wearing a pair for over a year and prefer them to my techs.  Windham wore off the shelf Trophee’s last year, and Grant is wearing them this year.    The new Shoei helmet is a marvel in construction.  I like it enough that I went out and bought one.  They aren’t cheap helmets, but they are outstanding in design.  They have some outstanding safety features and if your are concerned about the safety of your noggin check them out.  Last but not least is the EXS brand goggle.  A great product, that deserves a look if you are in the market for goggles.  It has excellent foam,  a mirrored lens, and an extra lens included.  And at a reasonable price.

Lastly, I have never watched American Idol in my life.  But, a kid I have known since he was one, is an idol contender.  His name is Adam Lambert and he is quite a performer.  I have had to watch Idol because Adam is the son of one of my wife’s best friends and I have to say I have actually enjoyed watching the silliness and the talented singers.  So if you have never watched check it out and hopefully Adam will make the cut.  I have to say Idol has been way more entertaining than watching the 450 class on TV lately.