Anyone Got Some Pain Meds and Duct Tape I Can Borrow?

Frank Rant

Pain, it is the four letter word that all motocross racers live with on a regular basis. After you have raced for a while you begin to chuckle under your breath when you come upon a non racer and how they deal with pain. You see them all the time at work, at the gym, at the emergency room, my back hurts, I strained my knee, my finger hurts, I cut myself I need stitches. In racer speak that would be I hurt my back, give me something my moto’s on the line. I strained my knee, loan me some duct tape so I can tape this thing up tighter. My finger hurts, just push the bone back in it won’t hurt with my glove on. I cut myself I need stitches, if you would hurry up I can make my second moto doc!

Regular people don’t understand. Your family certainly does not understand. Your boss, and your doctor do not understand. If it is 105 degrees outside the media is telling us to stay inside, if you go outside you will surely melt or be burned to a crisp. A motocross racer looks at it as an opportunity to get into better shape. Heat stroke, we don’t need no stinkin heat stroke.

If your neighbor got a blister the size of a half dollar on his hand he would probably #1. go the doctor, #2 take a week off of work, and #3 cry. Unless your neighbor races, then he would tape it up and go race.

If a motocross racer hurts himself seriously enough to get a cast or have surgery the first thing he is thinking is, when can I race? The second thing is I wonder if I can cut this cast down enough to moto.

Pain is nature’s way of telling you, you’re still alive after a crash. It is also nature’s way of telling you during the night your scab has glued itself to the sheets. It could also be natures way of telling you that investing in a chest protector was a great idea, but why wasn’t I wearing it while being pummeled by the roost off of your buddies 450?

It’s not that we are masochistic. But, the feeling you get racing and being a racer far exceeds the pain. Well, most of the time. And once you feel a little better, once the knees will move enough to get you out of the chair. Once the back stops hurting enough to get out of bed. Once you can peel the scab off the sheet. Once you get the cast off, the stitches out, the fuzziness goes away in your head, the little birds stop tweeting, once you can pee without blood in your urine, once the elephant gets off your chest and you can breathe, the first thing you want to do is go race.

I certainly don’t advocate racing injured. And I preach safety and safety gear constantly. I also recommend that you listen to your doctor and follow his instructions. I also recommend taking your vitamins, eating healthy, and using sun block. For me though, screw it all. After 2 surgeries in 3 months, and not racing but once this year I’m sick of this crap, anyone got some pain meds and duct tape I can borrow?