About Us

Who We Are

REM started by a group of Motocross racers with the intention of keeping Carlsbad Raceway open for one more year in 1986. We succeeded in that endeavor, and after moving operations to Glen Helen Raceway, running 40 events a year for the past 30 years, we built REM into one of, if not the most prolific racing organization in the world.

Why We Do This

We started REM because we knew racing could be better. We were tired of going to races that paid little or no attention to safety. We were tired of going to races that stretched into the night due to lack of preparation by the promoter. We were tired of going to races where we felt like we were merely the next payment on the promoter's Mercedes.

What We Do

REM's goal has always been to promote safe, fun events that everyone from a first-time beginner to a seasoned National Pro can compete and feel that, at the end of the day, they were given their money's worth.

Who Rides With Us

REM's racing roster is made up of some of the most famous racers from the past 50 years. It is also home to many of the Motorcycle industry's biggest names who come to race Motocross every week they are free. But the core of REM is the racer who wants to race Motocross every week, be challenged, hang out with good people, and be home in time to take their significant other out to dinner on Saturday night.

Above All Else

REM is run by people that genuinely feel that every REM racer, whether it is their first time or 1000th race, is part of our family.

REM's biggest contribution to the sport of Motocross has been to provide an environment that promotes safety above profit, fun above notoriety, and community over crowds.